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# Booty Bay
- A Booty Bay function has been integrated.
- Bandit no longer follows a predefined path in Booty Bay. Walking is no longer necessary.
- Just set the position of your mouse on the Mailbox.
- Bandit will do the rest.
# The Path System has been sensitized.
- All paths to the auctioneers and mailboxes have been recreated and updated.
- There should no longer be any problems facing the mailbox.
- Booty Bay is now also fully operational.
# The Renew function can now be used to set #Always First#.
- If the auction is no longer in the first place, it is renewed.
- This function applies to all types of items.

# It can now be searched for Item Stats.

# The renewal of several identical items now takes place continuously and no longer individually.
# Clicking on an item in its list takes you straight to the configuration.
# The item level can now be used globally and is no longer just responsible for purchasing.
# The Relog function now resets the WoW window to its original position.

# Fixed a bug that caused items to be searched too quickly or at random.
# A bug has been fixed, which caused the Relog function to trigger an error if the information was missing.
# The item level can now be determined for purchases.
# It can now be specified whether the item should contain a Socket.
# Scan only can now be selected via the Minimap context menu.
# It will now start scanning faster after the auction house has been opened.

# The information on adjusting prices has been removed.
- Instead, the selected options for the item are displayed.

# The Relog function has been extended.
- Special characters are now supported.
- Times can now be specified to restart Bandit randomly.
- The game will now restart before relog.
- The online status is checked before each relog.

# If the relog function is already in use, it must be saved again.
# Caged Battle Pets can now be used for trading.
# A relog function has been added.
- You can now optionally set whether disconnects should be recognized.
- You can now optionally set whether Bandit should reconnect automatically.
# All types of Commodity and Non-Commodity Items can now be sold and bought.

# You can now set whether Items should always be sold.
- If the specified min. price of the Item is below the cheapest price in the auction house, the Item will be offered at the last scanned cheapest price.
# Items whose scanned price is below the minimum price are no longer offered.
- If the item is not found in the auction house, the item will be offered for the minimum price.
# Added new Auctioneers
- Thunder Bluff
- The Cape of Stranglethorn

# If the Addon is deactivated via the Quick-Menu, this now also affects the automatic camera tracking and main frame.